MULTI 6.17

The MULTI IDE combines a powerful debugger, editor, code browser and other tools
6.17.0 (See all)

The MULTI IDE combines a powerful debugger, editor, code browser, configuration manager, and other tools into one integrated package that enables you to develop code efficiently. The MULTI IDE uses Green Hills Software's optimizing C, C and EC compilers to generate the fastest and smallest code for 32- and 64-bit processors. With MULTI, you can:
- automate adherence to engineering standards
- find performance bottlenecks
- eliminate software flaws to achieve maximum reliability, performance, and security
Studies show that 63% of the software development cycle is consumed by finding and fixing software flaws. Bugs in software are the main reason products get to market late because the time required to find and fix them is so unpredictable. Problems such as complex memory errors, resource sharing conflicts, and timing issues make debugging especially troublesome.

Your product's ultimate market share is largely determined by the speed with which you reach volume production. Each difficult bug can monopolize your software development team for days, weeks, or more. Each day a developer is tied up fixing bugs is one less day the product is generating revenue and gaining market share.

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